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ReThink CBD

RETHINK offers the first CRI-endorsed range of CBD products – guaranteeing an extensive range of best-in-class CBD products in a variety of dosages and formats, all scientifically formulated using the purest quality CBD. When you choose RETHINK CBD, you’re assured of seed to shelf integrity and world class innovation aimed at improving your life, with everyday lifestyle solutions for enhanced health management regimes and relief of minor symptoms What is CBD?CBD – or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid and a naturally occurring chemical in cannabis plants. CBD has recently gained huge traction as a potentially powerful and proven natural alternative to…
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Eco Poly Bag

At The Local Choice we are conscious of the influence that a business like ours can have on the world around us. We realise that making considered choices can make a significant environmental impact. To this end we have decided to embark on a Green Journey. As of October 2019 all shopping bags will now be ecopolybag. We see ourselves as a leader in this direction and are happy that you are part of this journey. What is ecopolybag? Find below a list of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is oxo-biodegradable plastic? It is ordinary plastic to which a catalyst has…
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All 4 Women

Can the use of probiotics help soothe colic? Infant colic is a condition that affects up to 40 % of all babies in the first3 – 5 months of life and is defined as an otherwise healthy baby that has unexplained episodes of fussing and crying for at least 3 hours per day for 3 days per week. Otherwise healthy would refer to a baby that is gaining sufficient weight, feeding correctly and has no other signs of fever, pain or discomfort. These episodes of crying and fussing are usually predicable and happen at the same or similar times every…
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