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All there is to know about Codeine

What is codeine? Codeine is a strong medication used against pain. It comes from extracts of the poppy plant and belongs to the same family of pain medications as morphine. Other members of this family of products is morphine and pethidine; they are all very powerful pain medication with high addiction potential. Codeine occurs naturally together with morphine in the milky fluid that is extracted from the seed pods of the poppy plant, but it can also be manufactured in a laboratory. Codeine is a very commonly-used pain medication worldwide and it is usually prescribed for pain that may occur…
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The Local Choice Pharmacists freeze to bring warmth to needy babies

Staff from The Local Choice group choosing to brave the freezing cold outside for a night translated into an incredible gift of warmth for abandoned babies in Mpumalanga. Through the South Africa SleepOut initiative, staff from The Local Choice accompanied by CJ Distribution and CJ Marketing, not only raised awareness about uMephi House, in Middelburg, but also ticked a number of items on their wish list – including a new freezer and stove. While actively involved in social responsibility projects on a regular basis, it was the first time the company took part in the SleepOut, Group Marketing Manager Rachelle…
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Malaria count up to 2000 since April

LIMPOPO – While the number of patients reporting to clinics and hospitals with malaria in Mopani is dropping, the provincial health department remains concerned as the battle to end the current outbreak continues. Education and awareness campaigns are ongoing as winter sets in and temperatures drop, causing mosquitoes to die out. The area has been hard-hit by a malaria outbreak that saw 1200 cases of malaria in April alone, with the May figure now approaching 800 cases. Singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka, the United Nations special ambassador on malaria, recently visited the area during the Limpopo Department of Health’s malaria awareness…
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