10 Reasons to Visit a Wellness Clinic Near You Today

Nothing contributes more to your quality of life and overall vitality than your personal health. While many of us take our health for granted, it is essential to keep a close watch on our bodies, especially as we age. Keeping your health and wellbeing in check means you can catch potential conditions early and begin treatment as soon as possible, which gives you a greater chance of living a long and happy life. For this reason, each wellness clinic within our pharmacy network is geared towards partnering with you, no matter your health status. If you are still waiting for a reason to visit a localwellness clinic today, below are a few to consider.

Medical Aid Health Assessments

When joining a new medical aid or applying for a new plan, your scheme might require that you undergo a medical aid health assessment. Our wellness clinics are equipped to help you with such assessments, which means there is no need to book an appointment with a doctor.

Diabetic Care, Screening, and Advice

Diabetes, when left unchecked and untreated, can lead to devastating complications. It is important that you have a glucose screening done regularly if you have pre-diabetes or a strong family history of the condition. You can also visit a The Local Choice wellness clinic for lifestyle advice, care, and screenings.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

High blood pressure is often considered a silent killer because it does not usually present obvious signs or symptoms. Monitoring your blood pressure at a wellness clinic means you know if your blood pressure is too low or too high, and you can then be referred to a general practitioner who can help you treat the issue before life-threatening complications arise.

Cholesterol Screening

High “bad” cholesterol can be a good indicator of your risk for heart attacks, stroke, and diseases of the heart and blood vessels. To ensure you mitigate this risk in your life, it is essential to have a cholesterol screening done by a medical professional at a wellness clinic.

HIV Screening, Testing, and Counselling

Knowing your HIV status makes the world of difference when it comes to your quality of life and leading a healthy lifestyle. Our clinics offer screening, testing, and counselling for individuals who test positive. We will also walk a road with these patients in terms of their medication, health, and lifestyle choices.

Minor Wound Care

Minor wounds that do not require emergency medical attention might be difficult to manage alone at home, especially when it comes to cleaning and dressing. A visit to your local wellness clinic means you have peace of mind that the wound is cared for well.

Vaccines and Immunisations

Our clinics offer vaccinations and immunisations such as flu shots or Immunoglobulin in the case of measles or meningitis outbreaks.

BMI Assessments and Weight Loss Advice

We will assist you in assessing your body mass index and offer advice on managing your weight and lifestyle choices when it comes to food and exercise. We also make dietary advice available to all our patients based on their pre-existing conditions and current medications.

Reproductive Health Services

From family planning and pregnancy advice to STI testing and management, you can rely on us for professional and confidential reproductive health services.

Baby Clinics

Our baby clinics are equipped to help families with infants when it comes to immunisations and vaccines, emergency nebulising, nutritional advice, growth charts, and baby wellness.

Some of our pharmacies also have virtual care available, which allows patients to see one of our doctors online at a flat rate of R290. In this way, our network of pharmacies has made healthcare more accessible than ever to our surrounding communities. To find out more about how we can help you, contact a clinic near you today.