5 Reasons to Partner with a Nearby Pharmacy Clinic While Pregnant

Pregnancy Clinic

While you may struggle to find a dedicated pregnancy clinic in South Africa, there are plenty of clinics available that specialise in pre-, ante-, and post-natal care for families across the country. At The Local Choice, affordable and accessible healthcare and advice is something we wish to make accessible to every citizen, and we, therefore, offer these services to our communities. Care before, during, and after pregnancy is a vital component of human healthcare, and our clinics at selected locations allow expecting families to make contact with medical professionals who care. If you are pregnant (or planning to be) and have not as yet visited a The Local Choice clinic near you, then here are five reasons why it may be a great idea to do so.

Family Planning and Conception Advice

Before a child is introduced to a home, some careful planning is needed. Not only is it important that expecting mothers plan for practical solutions (through financial budgeting and supportive relationships, for example) but that they make provision for their own health as well as the health of their little ones. Before falling pregnant, current medical conditions must be considered, as they may have an impact on the pregnancy. These conditions include diabetes, high blood pressure, and one’s HIV status. Mothers must also ensure that their diet includes healthy, balanced meals and supplements for the best possible outcome when conceiving. A visit to a clinic under our name means you will receive superb advice and even a referral to a GP if you should need it.

Essential Screenings and Follow-Up Management

Partnering with a clinic during your pregnancy means that you can regularly monitor any health concerns or illnesses you might have, as well as manage these conditions appropriately every step of the way. Our clinics offer a range of screening services for pregnant women, including:

  • Blood glucose testing
  • Blood pressure screening and monitoring
  • HIV screening and testing
  • Cholesterol screening

We also offer advice and care for diabetic patients and pregnant women dealing with gestational diabetes. Those with a positive HIV status are free to come to us for advice, counselling, and follow-up management too.

Nutrition and Wellness Advice

During pregnancy, your diet is a large determining factor in your baby’s health. Babies who do not receive essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals while in utero may not develop properly, so eating well while expecting is vital. The Local Choice clinics, fortunately, all have trained and experienced pharmacists who are able to offer advice on food, supplements, and even lifestyle changes such as exercise and stress reduction. This means that not only is your wellness improved, but your baby’s future wellness too.

Quicker Links to Other Medical Professionals

It can be difficult finding a great doctor, gynaecologist, or medical specialist when you need one most. At The Local Choice, our clinic teams and pharmacists have strong links with other health professionals, and we can refer you to a medical professional nearby who will partner with you during your pregnancy.

Post-Natal Healthcare and Support

If you are seeking a clinic that will walk a road with you, even after your baby is born, then we at The Local Choice are ideal. Our baby clinics feature emergency nebulising facilities, advice on baby growth, nutrition, and development, and we administer vaccines and immunisations too.

For a pregnancy clinic that will partner with you through each trimester and even after your little one is welcomed into the world, visit one of our branches near you. If you would like more information on how our pharmacy clinics can offer you the support you need, don’t hesitate to contact us today.