6 Values That Make Our Pharmacy Business a Stellar Industry Standout

The role of a cost-friendly, accessible, and professional pharmacy within a community is usually undervalued business. Most patients take for granted how essential pharmacies are, given that they are often the first and only place patients will seek healthcare advice and treatment. Pharmacists play a vital role within a nation’s healthcare system, especially when it comes to screening and treating conditions, and helping patients manage their own health through medication and lifestyle guidance. Here at The Local Choice, we are guided by strong values in our aim to uplift and empower the communities in which we are located. Partnering with our team of pharmaceutical experts means reaping the benefits of these values and joining a family that cares for you.

Trust Between Patient and Pharmacist

For some patients, booking a doctor’s appointment isn’t always possible. Resource constraints make it tough for many citizens of South Africa to see a medical professional, and so they often ignore their symptoms or treat themselves at home. Pharmacies offer free guidance and advice, as well as assistance when it comes to contacting other members of the healthcare network system, such as general practitioners and specialists. Because of our strong brand reputation here at The Local Choice, our pharmacy business is a trusted advisor of patients seeking help. We take the time to get to know our patients and what their needs are, helping them feel seen and heard.

Healthcare Accessibility

With over 111 stores throughout South Africa, finding a pharmacy business near you could not be easier. Our online store locator allows patients to find their nearest branch and contact our trusted team of professionals. This means that quality healthcare is far more accessible and easier to find.

The First Point of Entry to Pharmaceutical Advice

A pharmacy is meant to do more than just offer quality medication. We understand our role as a first point of entry to pharmaceutical and medical advice, which is why we also offer:

  • Business network links to other health professionals for patients who need it.
  • General advice on health and wellbeing.
  • Chronic disease management advice.
  • Assistance with the appropriate use of medications and information on drug interactions and side effects.
  • Information on health risks, outbreaks, and pandemics in the surrounding community.
  • Up-to-date information on medicines and healthcare issues through our Pharmacy Board membership.

We Offer High-Quality, Convenient Services

Medications and healthcare-related products are not all we provide, either. At The Local Choice, our business model rests on bringing the best healthcare possible to every community, which is why selected pharmacies also have clinics equipped to offer our patients a range of healthcare services. These services include essential screenings, medical testing, immunisations, physical examinations, and even lifestyle and wellbeing advice. For those with little ones, our baby clinics provide services such as vaccinations, family planning, and even assistance with baby development and wellness.

We Commit to Affordability

We aim to combat the rising cost of healthcare in South Africa by promoting generic medication and keeping the prices on medications low. We also boast an affordable range of supplementary healthcare, beauty, sports, and lifestyle products. Regular promotions and specials mean that customers can make the most of these money-saving deals too.

We’re Here for You

It is important to us that our patients and customers feel supported, informed, and empowered when it comes to their health status. Our approach to our valued patients is different in that we believe in personalised services tailored to the individual’s needs.

Since 2011, our pharmacy business has aimed to cater to our surrounding communities with professionalism and expertise. We thus invite you and your family to visit us or get in touch today to find out how we can become your partners in fantastic health.