About Us

The Local Choice Franchise is an aligned, like minded group of independent pharmacists, working together to help people get, feel and live better. Local Choice Pharmacies take the time to offer personal care to each patient and to make a positive difference to their daily lives.  Our pharmacists are committed to open communication and the nurturing of relationships to the benefit of the individuals’ and the community’s health.
The Local Choice Pharmacy is also a partner of Dis-Chem Pharmacies, which resulted in the expansion of products and services.  Therefore, we have a large variety of supplementary products in beauty and self-care.

The pharmacists at each Local Choice Pharmacy, assisted by passionate
and knowledgeable assistants, continuously aim to provide:

  • Quality medicines and related health care products
  • Professional and trusted medical advice
  • Personalised clinic services and
  • Assistance with medical aid claims
  • Your first point of entry to pharmaceutical advice and care

Your first point of entry to pharmaceutical advice and care.
The pharmacist at your Local Choice Pharmacy store:

  • Has links with other health professionals, e.g. GPs, to provide the best support to you
  • Provides general health advice and support with chronic disease management
  • Ensures the quality of the products sold at the pharmacy
  • Counsels patients on the appropriate use of medication
  • Provides clinic services
  • Is informed of any health risks and/or warnings that the community should be aware of
  • Gathers information regarding medicines and health issues through membership of the Pharmacy Board.

Franchise Opportunity

The Local Choice Pharmacy is one of South Africa’s innovative pharmacy franchises and is fast becoming a recognizable brand in the pharmacy industry.  If you own and/or manage an independent pharmacy and you want to grow your business with the back-up of a professional team, contact us today to discuss it in detail. READ MORE