Clinic Services to Ask About When Visiting One of Our Pharmacies

Pregnancy Clinic

Healthy living is about more than those 20 minutes of exercise each morning, it is about the small choices we make daily that lead to big changes. These choices can include choosing a healthier meal over junk food, taking a flight of stairs instead of the elevator, and getting regular health screenings. In the end, all one has is their wellbeing, and taking extra steps to care for one’s body is essential. At The Local Choice, we aim to empower customers and patients with accurate information, quality medication, and a range of world-class services to help improve and maintain their health status. Our clinic services, in particular, are a major draw to our surrounding communities as they offer patients the chance to understand their own health better – and all at exceptionally affordable rates. Below, we explore the services you can ask about at your nearest The Local Choice pharmacy.

Dietary and Nutritional Advice

What we consume on a daily basis is a large determining factor in our overall health. Unfortunately, many households across South Africa do not have access to nutritional meals and advice on healthy eating habits. As part of our clinic services, we offer dietary and nutritional advice to our patients, whether this concerns the development of children, weight loss, or the management of diabetes. We also advise patients on what foods to consume or avoid in terms of their condition or current medication.

Essential Screenings

Understanding your health status has several benefits, the most of important of which are the ability to prevent certain conditions altogether and manage those with which you are currently diagnosed. At The Local Choice pharmacies, our clinic services include screenings for, and monitoring of, various conditions, such as blood pressure, blood glucose levels, asthma, pulmonary conditions, and cholesterol levels. Early detection of these conditions can be lifesaving and drastically improve one’s quality of life.

HIV Testing and Counselling

Knowing your HIV status means that you are empowered with the knowledge to make the right lifestyle choices going forward when it comes to medication, supplements, diet, and exercise. Our clinic services provide HIV screening and testing, as well as counselling for patients with a positive status. As your partner in fantastic health, we will offer support and walk the road with you when it comes to your overall wellbeing and any questions you might have.

Supplements, Vaccinations, and Immunisations

From flu shots to immunisations and vaccinations for children, you can trust us to offer quality care to you and your whole family. We also do vitamin injections as well as emergency nebulisation and inhalation. If you have any questions about health supplements, vitamins, or natural medicines, our professional and friendly pharmacists are happy to assist you.

Minor Wound Care

Not everyone understands how to clean and treat smaller burns, cuts, scrapes, or insect bites at home, which is why our clinic services include assistance for minor wounds. We also stock first aid kits and help our patients with concerns they might have on less severe conditions that do not always warrant a doctor’s visit. We are able, however, to link our patients with various other trusted health professionals such as general practitioners nearby.

Whether you need support for chronic disease management, follow-up up advice after a doctor’s appointment, or guidance when it comes to baby wellness, our clinic services are available in The Local Choice pharmacies across South Africa. We also stock a range of beauty products as well as health and sports supplements for all your daily essentials. For quality medication, professional pharmaceutical assistance, and world-class clinic services, you can trust us at The Local Choice to care for your whole family.