Does Your Pharmacy Clinic Offer an Extensive Range of Healthcare Services?

Many people prefer to visit their local pharmacy before going to the doctor. Pharmacies offer free advice, and act as the first point of contact for professional medical healthcare. From medications to screenings, partnering with the right pharmacy means you are privy to a whole host of benefits. We are here for you, no matter your healthcare needs. We are registered as a preferred medical provider for most medical aid schemes, and we dispense our medication at the rates prescribed by these schemes. Because we prioritise personalised healthcare, each clinic under our name is committed to offering a vast range of fantastic services to keep every patient that walks through our doors in great health.

Affordable and Efficient Healthcare

Back in the old days, people enjoyed a different kind of experience when it came to visiting their pharmacy. People knew their favourite pharmacist’s name and looked forward to friendly service with a smile. We at The Local Choice, want to introduce this kind of professionalism to our surrounding communities again, making special effort to go the extra mile when it comes to our patients’ health. Open communication, nurtured community relationships, accessible and cost-effective healthcare form the foundation of our brand. This means our customers and patients need never look far when trying to improve their health.

The business environment in which we operate is highly competitive, and we actively take part in lowering the country’s medical costs by stocking and promoting generic medications. Our pharmacists are well-trained and utilise their extensive knowledge and expertise in their field to offer sound advice and clinic treatment services.

Clinic Services You Can Trust

Everyone wants to be as healthy as possible, but it requires a little work. Regular screenings and monitoring of factors such as blood pressure, blood sugar and glucose, and cholesterol are essential. It is also important to receive the right advice when it comes to lifestyle habits and management of conditions. Our clinics make such services accessible and cost-friendly, so there is no need to fret over expensive doctor appointments. Our services include just some of the following:

  • Wound care
  • Flu shots, vaccinations, and immunisations
  • Dietary and weight loss advice
  • Various screenings
  • HIV testing and counselling
  • Medical aid health assessments
  • Advice on supplements, medications, and chronic disease management

Each clinic is also designed to offer advice, screening, and management when it comes to reproductive health and family planning. For those with infants and young children, a visit to our Baby Clinic means access to everything from advice on baby nutrition, wellness, and growth, to immunisations and vaccine administering.

A Superb Range of High-quality Products

Our pharmacy brand is also an official partner of Dis-Chem, which means our products and services have since expanded considerably. We are thus able to provide customers with more than medicine, as we stock a range of supplementary products in beauty, self-care, sports, and various other lifestyle necessities. With branches all over the country, South Africans across the nation can connect and partner with our established, trusted brand.

Get in Touch or Visit Us Today

There is no doubt about it. We at The Local Choice have a strong brand name for our commitment to each customer and patient. We invite you to experience this array of world-class services for yourself and enjoy them at affordable prices. If your pharmacy isn’t offering you all this, it might be time to choose The Local Choice as your preferred option when it comes to medicine, clinic services, health, lifestyle and beauty products, and personalised assistance. If you would like more information on how we can help you improve your health status and meet your wellness goals, contact us today.