Essential Tips for Choosing a Pharmacy that Really Cares About Your Health

Some of us are old enough to remember when a trip to the local chemist was but a brisk walk down the road. Here, a dedicated and familiar pharmacist already knew about your prescription and health concerns, and might have even asked how your family was doing. This level of personal care has, unfortunately, been lost in more recent times. Today, many patients are left to deal with their own concerns and questions about their health, guess at medication interactions, and do their best to manage drug side effects or the symptoms of an illness. At The Local Choice, our goal is to introduce our communities once again to quality, personal care where customers and patients alike can expect to have their healthcare needs met. If you are seeking a pharmacy that cares about the wellbeing of you and your family, here are five tips to help you find the right one.

Don’t Travel Too Far from Home

Because a pharmacist is oftentimes the first and only contact a patient has with a healthcare professional, your chosen pharmacy needs to be close to home. While it is also better to travel a little further for quality care, try to ensure that your chemist is no more than a few minutes away from you for those emergency questions and more urgent needs. At The Local Choice, we have over 111 stores nationwide and we are still growing, so finding a pharmacy near you is far easier.

Have a Discussion with the Pharmacy Team About Your Needs

When selecting a nearby pharmacy with which to partner, it might help to visit a few and speak to them about what kind of service you can expect. Tell them about your needs as a patient and what medications you are currently taking. In the end, you will quickly suss out which team is more invested in your health status and answering your questions. Watch out for red flags such as a disinterest towards you, unprofessionalism, or if the team does not seem to understand your queries about certain medications.

Consider a Branch with Clinic Services Available

Healthcare must be, first and foremost, accessible. This means that a pharmacy with a range of clinic services – from flu shots to various screenings and tests – is a vital part of your healthcare network as a patient. Clinic services are especially important for families with younger or older members more at risk of contracting serious infectious diseases and developing certain conditions. Be sure to ask your local chemist about what services they offer and how these might apply to your family and loved ones.

Ask About Prices of Medicines and Services

As the cost of quality healthcare rises in South Africa, few pharmacies today offer truly cost-effective care and act to lower the country’s healthcare prices through promoting generics. Take a look at your current list of prescribed and chronic medications and find out what you can expect to pay for these at the pharmacy you select – they may just be much more affordable at a different drug store.

Find a Branch with a Wide Range of Other Products

Your local pharmacy might do a great job of stocking essentials and medication, but do they offer more? Because we at The Local Choice have partnered with Dis-Chem, our product ranges have expanded considerably. We currently have a wide array of supplementary products available when it comes to beauty, wellbeing, self-care, and at-home healthcare.

For a pharmacy that not only cares but is here for you, why not visit your nearest The Local Choice branch today? Ask us about our services, prices, and how we can partner with your family on your journey to great health.