From Screening Your Health to Daily Exercise, Here Are 3 Tips for Improved Wellness

Wellness is not just in the lifestyles we lead or the medication we take. It is a holistic concept that encompasses everything that contributes to a human being’s overall quality of life. Wellness takes a closer look at our physical, mental, emotional, and even environmental wellbeing. While it is not always possible to control every facet of our wellness, there is always room for improvement and ways to contribute to a better, longer, and healthier life. Many of the wellness factors within our control pertain to physical health. Taking a few, small steps towards your wellbeing means that you can prevent, treat, or manage certain conditions as early as possible. At The Local Choice, it is important to us that our patients feel empowered concerning their health, and that with clinic services such as dietary advice and even a health screening when they need it, this support is possible. Here, we take a look at a few key tips for improving one’s physical wellness.

What You Put in Is What You Get Out

There is a reason why so many New Year’s resolutions include the goal to eat a little healthier – modern lifestyles are often too busy to invest in good food. Overtime, resorting to quick and convenient junk food can lead to detrimental effects on physical wellness, even if one maintains one’s weight. Many individuals often have no idea how their diets impact their bodies until they see their health screening results when it comes to cholesterol, high blood pressure, and blood glucose levels. A healthy diet contributes to every function within your body, from your energy levels to hormone production, and eating balanced meals during your day is the only way to optimise these functions. At The Local Choice, our clinics offer each patient ahealth screening in conjunction with dietary advice and supplementary support where an individual’s diet may be lacking in nutrients.

Get a Little More Active

Staying active and getting plenty of exercising in is not just about following fitness trends – there is real science to back its benefits. While weight loss is a major reason why many people start, exercise drastically reduces one’s risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, various cancers, osteoarthritis, and even depression. The best part about staying active is that it does not mean you are resigned to visiting an expensive gym each day. You are free to take part in an active sport or hobby, go for fun walks, or even cycle to the grocery store instead of driving. In the end, getting your heart rate up and striving against a sedentary lifestyle already makes a big difference.

Don’t Delay Your Health Screening

Most people only ever check on their bodies during a medical aid assessment or if they develop a condition that requires medical attention. Preventing and managing disease needs to happen far earlier than by the time we face distressing symptoms, however. Catching these medical conditions early means that they are not given enough time to progress to the point where they are fatal, and treating and perhaps even curing them becomes possible. This is why all of our clinic patients are privy to a thorough screening wherein we can test blood glucose levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, asthma, HIV status, and perform body mass index (BMI) assessments. Thereafter, we are able to link patients with healthcare professionals who will assist them on their journey to better physical wellness.

Here at The Local Choice, our pharmacy offers so much more than quality medication at affordable rates. We partner with our customers and patients by providing a range of world-class services as well as professional advice after each screening. For assistance from a trustworthy, friendly pharmacist near you, simply pop into one of our branches today.