How Pharmacies Are Changing the Face of Healthcare in South Africa

When considering your local pharmacy, you probably think about the people who interpret a doctor’s indecipherable handwriting or the professionals that know just what over-the-counter medications help best for a cold. Pharmacies have a more important function than this within communities, however – they actively stand on the frontlines of our country’s healthcare system and uplift citizens with their expertise and compassion. Pharmacies, therefore, play a key role in improving the health and wellness of South Africans – especially those without easy access to private doctors’ consultations. Having a pharmacy near you to rely on also comes with several other benefits too, which we explore further.

Community Education on Important Topics

Pharmacies are at the forefront of community education when it comes to important topics. These topics may include localised outbreaks of viruses such as measles, meningitis, or even the latest COVID-19 pandemic. Here at The Local Choice, our membership in the Pharmacy Board means that we receive regular updates and information when it comes to medicines and the health status of local residents. Whether you need dietary advice during your pregnancy or up-to-date information on vaccinations, we can assist you.

An Easily Accessible Healthcare Resource

Pharmacies are considered a de facto healthcare contact for many communities and are often the first and only place some people go to for healthcare advice and help. This invaluable resource is easily accessible because it requires no appointment or booking, and advice is usually coupled with access to over-the-counter medication and valuable information.

A Health Hub for Communities

Pharmacies do not merely offer a place to receive prescription medication. They offer over-the-counter medication, clinic services and screenings, vaccinations and immunisations, vitamin injections and supplements, as well as minor wound care and first aid assistance. For this reason, local chemists are a preferred go-to hub for patients seeking affordable help quickly.

Quality Advice on a Range of Issues

Not everyone has the resources such as money, time, and transport to see a doctor when they need medical attention. Sometimes, the concern may not even be serious enough to warrant a doctor’s appointment either. This is where the professional advice of trained pharmacists is highly valued. At The Local Choice, our pharmacist teams are highly trained and can offer essential advice on a range of healthcare concerns, including:

  • Chronic condition management.
  • Weight loss and nutrition.
  • Side effects and contraindications of specific medications.
  • Family planning and reproductive health.
  • Supplements, vaccines, and immunisations.
  • Baby growth, development, and nutrition.
  • Scholar health.

Various Supplementary Products Available

The Local Choice Pharmacy is a proud partner of Dis-Chem, and this means we are able to stock a wide range of essential lifestyle products. These products include beauty and self-care brands, vitamins, baby products, sports and exercise supplements, and other products to suit your family’s lifestyle. This makes us a one-stop pharmacy for all those monthly essentials – and our competitive prices mean you won’t need to look elsewhere for the popular products you love.

How The Local Choice Pharmacies Can Help You

Our franchise is made up of independent pharmacies who share our values. Together, we have established a compassionate culture of caring for communities and helping people live better. Our basic healthcare services are not only cost-friendly but convenient too. Through the values of trust, accessibility, skills, quality services, and the promotion of affordable generic medication, we are actively improving healthcare as a whole in South Africa.

For experts ready to listen and serve with professionalism and friendliness, why not pop into one of our branches today? To find a pharmacy near you, simply use our store locator here, or feel free to get in touch with us today.