Join the Fight Against COVID-19 With Our #HereForYou Range of Face Masks

Medical-grade face coverings are in short supply, but the National Department of Health has recommended that every South African wear a cloth facial covering to prevent and stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) has also issued statements encouraging people to cover their faces while out and about, and for most local and international citizens cloth face masks are the best way to do so. So, what kind of coverings are required, and are some better than others? We take a look at our #HereForYou AeroMask range and how they are superior in the war against COVID-19.

A Complementary Tool to Social Distancing

It is almost impossible to stay home around the clock. Many essential workers in the country still need to go out daily and contribute to society. Even those strict about confining themselves to their residence have to leave for basics such as groceries, medication, and doctors’ visits. While social distancing (keeping a few metres away from other citizens) is usually possible, there is still no guarantee that this is enough to stop the spread of the virus. Citizens must still regularly wash and sanitise their hands and ensure as little contact between themselves and outsiders as possible.

Cloth face masks help to prevent respiratory droplets (from people who may not know they are infected) from contaminating surfaces or bringing the virus into contact with other people. While face coverings will not replace standard precautionary hygiene measures, they are useful in areas of high community-based transmission.

Why Invest in Our #HereForYou AeroMask Range

We have carefully developed an advanced range of cloth face masks to not only accommodate the shortage of quality face coverings in South Africa, but to provide a comfortable, quality alternative to homemade coverings and scarves. Our #HereForYou range comes in a sleek design that contours to the face perfectly, with a long lifespan and durability that accommodates all-day wear.

The body of the mask is made with 86% knitted RetaneX, 14% microfibre polyester, and 230 gsm elasthane. This creates a brushed inner lining that absorbs the respiratory droplets of the wearer, while the hydrophobic external surface screens and filters the air. In fact, the RetaneX AeroMask RX range is hydrophobic enough to store water in a cupped mask, without the water seeping through. The straps and binding of our face masks are made from 140 gsm knitted Vento Moisture Management material and polyester, which affords a snug, comfortable fit, which in turn increases wearer compliance. We have three sizes available for children (for toddlers, preschoolers, and primary scholars), and three available adult sizes in small, medium, and large.

Wearing and Caring for your Face Mask

While out in public and making contact with strangers, masks must be on and covering the nose and mouth completely. Avoid touching them for readjustment if possible and do not lower the covering to talk, cough, or sneeze. Try not to touch the inside of the mask before or during wear, and be sure to wash your hands after removing it or touching a used one. It is recommended that every individual has two (or more) masks so that one is always available while the other is being washed.

As far as cleaning goes, it is essential to wash your mask after use. Wearing disposable gloves while handwashing or throwing it into a washing machine is also encouraged. If machine washing with other clothes, place the mask in a laundry mesh bag to avoid it tangling up with other items. Hot water and heavy-duty detergent are enough for a thorough cleaning, and drying in direct sunlight or the highest heat cycle of your dryer is recommended.

To find out more about our ultra-affordable #HereForYou AeroMask range and the available colours and sizes, contact us today.