Medicine prices and dispensing fees

Trusted price – our commitment to affordability

Local Choice pharmacies are committed to cost-effective and affordable pricing on medicine as well as other products, including vitamins, sport supplements and beauty products.  View our promotions page to see which products are on special.

Local Choice pharmacies are registered as preferred providers for most medical schemes. Our medicine is dispensed at the rates as prescribed by these medical schemes.  Therefore, prescriptions are paid at rates in accordance with benefits as stipulated in the various schemes.

Co-payments and script levies

Most medical schemes has a preferred medicine formulary (a list of preferred drugs or medicine)  for most ailments.  Patients should, however, familiarise themselves with their medical scheme’s formularies and price rules. These scheme rules usually stipulate a compulsory co-payment or levy on original drugs. Remember to ask our pharmacists to advise you on the most cost-effective options available so that your chronic benefits will last longer.