Own a Pharmacy or Understand How to Sell Medication? This Franchise Opportunity is for You

Starting a pharmacy – or any business – in our current economic climate brings with it plenty of risks. Independent drugstore owners and those who sell pharmaceuticals understand how difficult it can be to compete with large pharmaceutical retailers. People almost always default to a name they know, because when it comes to their health, they are seeking a tried and tested local business to support. Anyone thinking of establishing their name in the pharmaceuticals industry has a tough climb ahead of them – but our franchise opportunity makes this dream achievable.

What’s in a Name?

Here at The Local Choice, we understand what it means to build up a small business from scratch. Since 2011, we have been carefully working our way up and creating a strong name and reputation for ourselves. Today, our organisation has grown to include over 90 stores across South Africa. These stores are not just cogs in a money-hungry machine, but stand on the same foundation that we began with: to bring quality healthcare and services to communities all over the country. Our name means something – that you can walk into your local pharmacy, choose from the wide variety of products we sell, and receive personalised service from a pharmacist who cares. Buying into our franchise group means that this same trust extends to your store, and you can adopt a name that automatically gives you a head start.

Processes Already in Place

Because we have grown so extensively, anyone from the outside looking in can see that we have systems in place that work well. For pharmacy owners struggling to get their chemist off the ground, or those who wish to buy into a new store, implementing these systems, strategies, technologies, and best practices is trial and error. Our franchise owners, however, inherit a wealth of corporate support from us. This includes:

  • Excellent training for staff.
  • Administrative support.
  • Marketing support.
  • Human resources.
  • World-class IT support to streamline your technologies in place.
  • Financial systems that accommodate your franchise needs.

Our procedures already in place have been developed and informed by industry experts, and will allow you access to a successful outline for running everything from your daily functioning to meeting your employees’ needs. We will also assist you in implementing innovative clinic services models. These models are scalable and can be tailored to your enterprise depending upon its size and your surrounding community’s needs.

Access to a Supplier Network

Independent pharmacy owners have a hard time growing a network of pharmaceutical suppliers. It can take years to partner with trustworthy and reliable suppliers. For uniform standards across various networks, franchises within The Local Choice group have access to suppliers and information on where to source the best products to sell. It is this consistency that makes us such a trusted household pharmacy name. This translates to increased buying power when it comes to products you sell, and because we are a partner of Dis-Chem, the services we offer and the products we sell have greatly expanded too. This means our pharmacies don’t just stock medicine, but a wide variety of supplementary products in beauty and self-care.

How to Become a Franchise Owner

Joining us under the umbrella of our commitment to quality pharmacy healthcare means that you reap a ton of benefits while maintaining the independence you value. Whether you have a current store you are looking to convert, or wish to apply for a new store, you can click here to send through your enquiry.

Want to know more? Contact us today or just pop into one of our superb pharmacies to experience the fantastic products we sell and the extensive range of services we have on offer for yourself.