Pharmacists to sleep on the pavement soon –by choice

The Local Choice Group of pharmacies isn’t only keeping customers and families healthy this winter, the franchise is also involved in two social responsibility projects which will change the lives of hundreds of vulnerable children

Group Marketing Manager Rachelle Campbell explains that this year is extra special for the Local Choice Group, which conducts outreach projects each year, because not only are they again promoting the #MillionComforts campaign, in conjunction with the Dis-Chem Foundation, but are also taking part in the South Africa SleepOut initiative. “It’s the second year we’re involved with #MillionComforts, a campaign that revolves around the donation of sanitary pads to underprivileged girl learners,” she says. Last year this campaign helped 146 000 girls by donating 6 500 000 sanitary pads. The goal this year, according to the Dis-Chem Foundation, is 10 million sanitary pads. “We are extremely honoured to be part of this campaign. Since we launched the #MillionComforts in our stores on 15 June, the support from customers has been tremendous. If we keep this momentum up, we are confident that Local Choice pharmacies will make a significant contribution to meeting this momentous objective by the end of the campaign,” Campbell says.
All Local Choice pharmacies, nationwide, are running the #MillionComforts promotion until 16 July. Customers can easily support the campaign by simply buying sanitary pads at their Local Choice pharmacy and placing these in the special donation bins in-store.The sanitary pads are collected by the Caring for Girls organisation throughout
the campaign, and then distributed in underprivileged schools. The Local Choice Group is also taking part in the South Africa SleepOut initiative. Campbell says it will be head office staff who will be putting their comforts aside for a night, on 30 June, and sleeping outdoors at the company’s head office in Delmas, on behalf of the Local Choice Group, to raise donations for a children’s home. “The company is a first-time participant of this special initiative and we plan to make our mark. We’ve chosen uMephi House, in Middelburg, as our beneficiary and are already feverishly working on the ‘wish list’ we received from this home that takes care of vulnerable babies and toddlers.
“uMephi currently looks after 13 babies and toddlers, from newborn to three years old. But the numbers and needs are always changing,” Campbell explains. “We chose this beneficiary as the health of babies and children has tremendous synergy with our philosophy of helping people get, feel and live better. Our pharmacists are committed to the nurturing of relationships that benefit the community’s health – where better place to start than with babies?” She adds uMephi has specific needs and the company is calling on the public and its customers to support the Local Choice SleepOut by bringing along donations of these items. The items include: Nappies, barrier cream, baby food, formula, cot mattresses and linen
and, to enable them to help the growing number of children they cater for, an additional freezer and stove would be very welcome. “The SleepOut is a wonderful opportunity to come along and support the faces behind the Local Choice brand and bring along a donation for this worthy cause. We will also welcome further donations of sanitary pads at this event for the #MillionComforts campaign,” Campbell says. The Local Choice Group will hand over the donations to uMephi House on 4 July.


The Local Choice Franchise is an aligned, like minded group of independent pharmacists, working together to help people get, feel and live better. Local Choice pharmacies take the time to offer personal touch care to each patient and to make a positive difference to their daily lives. Our pharmacists are committed to open communication and the nurturing of relationships to the benefit of the individuals’ and the community’s health. The Local Choice Group is also a partner of Dis-Chem Pharmacies, which resulted in the expansion of products and services, especially in beauty and self-care. For more information, visit Prepared
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