Seeking a Wellness Clinic Near You? 8 Reasons to Visit The Local Choice

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Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become much more aware of their own health and the well-being of their families. This means a greater focus on eating well, exercising, and essential hygiene routines such as handwashing. It also means that people are looking for reliable sources of information on their health, and are seeking, now more than ever, trustworthy health professionals with whom they can partner. If you are currently on the lookout for a nearby wellness clinic to assist you on your journey to better health, then there are eight fantastic reasons to choose The Local Choice.

1. We Stock a Wide Range of Products

From medications and cost-friendly generic versions of top medicines to beauty and wellness products, you can find it all at The Local Choice. We are also a partner of Dis-Chem, which means we stock a vast range of supplementary self-care brands ideal for the whole family.

2. HIV Testing and Counselling

Knowing your HIV status means that you can significantly improve your well-being and future health outcomes. When visiting a wellness clinic under our name, we will assist you with not only affordable testing but counselling too. We are also here to help you with reproductive health and family planning advice.

3. Diabetic Screening, Care, and Support

Diabetes is a common disease that affects many children and adults in South Africa. Unfortunately, a lack of treatment of the condition can lead to complications. Individuals with pre-diabetes, a family history of the condition, or those who just want to check on their health are urged to get a glucose screening at a nearby wellness clinic. We also offer dietary advice and lifestyle support.

4. Other Essential Screenings

As we age, certain screenings are not just essential, but they can be lifesaving. These screenings include blood pressure measurements, blood glucose screenings, and cholesterol screenings. Fortunately, we offer all three. We also have links to healthcare professionals to which we can refer our wellness clinic patients if further medical assistance is required.

5. Medical Aid Assessments

Some medical aid schemes require a professional health assessment before joining a new plan. We assist members of the public with this service, so visiting a wellness clinic under our name means that there is no need for you to book an appointment with a doctor at a private facility.

6. Dietary and Weight Loss Advice

The way we feed our bodies is vital as it plays a major role in our overall health status. At The Local Choice, you will find support and guidance when it comes to your daily nutrition, and we will even assist those looking to lose weight. We can help you determine your BMI (Body Mass Index) and the kind of health goals you should realistically set for yourself.

7. Minor Wound Care

Some wounds and injuries are not serious enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room but managing them alone at home may be difficult. In these cases, patients can visit a nearby Local Choice wellness clinic for help with cleaning and dressing to ensure the site of injury is cared for properly.

8. Baby Care Services

We aid families with babies and tots through our baby clinics. These clinics provide support when it comes to general baby wellness, nutrition, growth and developmental milestones, and even emergency nebulising facilities. We also provide immunisations and certain vaccinations for babies and children.

Why ignore your health needs or travel far for superb medical care? With us, you can partner with a wellness clinic that offers unparalleled services, exceptional expertise, and dedication to your family’s health. For access to these benefits and more, contact us at The Local Choice today.