Store closures

Store Closures

Watch this space for regular updates on stores affected by the July 2021 riots.


Pharmacy Name Emergency Contact Details
Bridge City N/A
Rinaldo N/A


Pharmacy Name Emergency Contact Details
Pharmwave Open, but with limited stock available

July 2021 Emergency Store Closures Frequently Asked Questions

1. My chronic medication script is with a pharmacy that is closed due to the unrests. Where should I go now?

Some pharmacy staff are unable to get to the pharmacy and are, therefore, unable to assist with script refills. Please visit your pharmacy’s Facebook page for clarity. Should the pharmacy be closed with no emergency access, we urge customers to visit their nearest hospital.

2. I have an emergency and my pharmacy is closed. Will they be able to deliver medication?

Some closed pharmacies are available to assist in the case of an emergency. Emergency contact details can be found on the pharmacies’ Facebook pages.

3. When will my pharmacy reopen?

Unfortunately, it is hard to say with certainty when pharmacies will be able to reopen. Please visit your pharmacy’s Facebook page for regular updates.

4. I urgently need clinic assistance. What should I do?

Should you require emergency care, please visit your nearest hospital immediately.