The Importance of Finding a Fantastic Wellness Clinic for Your Family

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has had disastrous effects in countries across the world. In South Africa, these ramifications will be seen in the economy, employment, education, the healthcare sector, tourism, and in the health and psychosocial needs of citizens for years to come. One positive aspect to emerge from the pandemic, however, is how much more aware individuals, families, and communities have become of their health and well-being. Finding a great wellness clinic with which to partner has now become more important than ever, and we at The Local Choice can assist with this.

What is a Wellness Clinic?

Wellness can be seen as the condition of one’s physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as the relationship between these factors. It is not merely being healthy in one’s body but achieving harmonious well-being in every aspect of one’s life. It is a concept for which one must take personal responsibility, as caring for ourselves today means a better quality of life tomorrow. A wellness clinic, then, is any healthcare facility that puts the well-being of the patient first. It is a place that embraces the overarching goal of optimal health for all in the community by using a multi-disciplinary approach to holistic well-being. From preventive care to the management of acute and chronic illnesses, the right wellness clinic will walk a road with you and your family to ensure that your health goals are achievable.

How The Local Choice Makes a Difference

What sets every wellness clinic under our brand apart is how committed we are to enhancing every patient’s quality of life. We combine innovation and affordability with easy access to high-level, professional medical services. With us, getting professional consultations and advice, preventative screenings, early disease detection, as well as the treatment of ongoing conditions, is possible. Our wellness clinic services include everything from dietary advice and glucose screening to minor wound care and flu shots. Three major services for which our patients often approach us are:

  • Blood Pressure Screening and Management: Hypertension (high blood pressure) is also known as “the silent killer” because it is a risk factor for heart attacks and strokes. Maintaining a blood pressure reading of 120/80 or slightly below is essential. A higher reading indicates pre-hypertension, or Stage 1 or Stage 2 hypertension. If you or your family have a history of hypertension, then regular monitoring and control of your blood pressure are essential. By visiting a wellness clinic under our name, you will receive assistance with the screening and treatment of hypertension, as well as other conditions, such as diabetes and high cholesterol.
  • Reproductive Health and Family Planning: Reproductive health is incredibly important in South Africa, especially with the prevalence of sexually transmittable diseases, such as HIV. At The Local Choice, we do HIV and STI testing and counselling, as well as essential family planning. For pregnant mothers, we offer consultations and advice on living a healthy lifestyle and having a safe pregnancy for both mother and child.
  • Baby Clinic Services: From growth charts to nutrition and immunisations, our baby clinics are one-stop healthcare facilities for families with babies and young children. We also have emergency nebulising facilities and assist with care and advice on childhood illnesses.

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You can also rely on us for medical aid assessments, and use us to shop for your monthly medicines, healthcare and beauty products, as well as supplementary self-care brands. Known for our friendly professionalism and dedication to phenomenal services, we will ensure that your partnership with us empowers your journey to great health. If you would like to find out more about our offerings and how our clinics can accommodate your needs, feel free to contact us here.