Thinking of Owning a Pharmacy Business? Here is Why You Should Partner with Us

The age-old saying, “Do what you love”, often seems unattainable in a world where people must usually settle for the first job they can find. Taking ownership of your future and goals, however, is possible with the right assistance. We at The Local Choice offer new pharmacy entrants the opportunity to become a brand franchisee while still maintaining their independence.

Owning a pharmacy business is one of those rare careers where you can find both financial freedom and career fulfilment at the same time. The best part is that you never have to go at it all alone – we offer a system of support every step of the way. If you are considering owning a franchise and making a difference within your community, then partnering with us may be the right option for you.

Do You Enjoy Helping People?

There is one value that all great pharmacists share – and that is to put the health and well-being of patients first. Working in the healthcare industry means that you will need to develop one-on-one, trusting relationships with patients who rely on your business for support and expertise. Your products and services are not just helpful to patients in need – but may very well be life-saving for many people.

It is also not just individuals and families that will benefit from your business, but your surrounding community as well. Pharmacies play a vital role in educating communities and keeping them up to date when it comes to healthcare information. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way information gets shared, and pharmacies are at the frontline when it comes to reliable education surrounding topics like disease outbreaks, vaccinations, and healthy habits.

Pharmacies run by individuals who are passionate about healthcare are more likely to succeed. Fortunately, we at The Local Choice are a group of like-minded, independent pharmacists who aim to improve the lives of individuals, families, communities, and our country. Our goal is to foster real relationships with our patients and parallel our services with the good old days when you could walk into your local pharmacy and have your pharmacist know you by name.

Growing with the Latest Market Trends

Since the start of the global pandemic, healthcare shopping trends and needs have shifted considerably. Consumers and patients alike are placing a greater emphasis on self-care and their personal wellness, as well as taking better preventative measures towards keeping illnesses at bay. Consumers, therefore, trust and stick with the household names they already know.

Established pharmacy names are drowning out much smaller competition. This is because of rising consumer expectations and the need for a streamlined shopping experience that covers everything from full-fledged clinic services to digital health resources. Growing a pharmacy business on one’s own is a major challenge in such a climate, which is why becoming a franchise owner is such a viable option.

Become a Franchisee with The Local Choice

Partnering with The Local Choice and investing in one of our franchise opportunities will set you several steps ahead of the competition. A strong, nationwide brand reputation cultivated over many years will give you a standout presence in your community, and we can offer this. Operating under our business umbrella also means you are privy to corporate support – from marketing and IT to world-class training. On the front-shop level, you can provide your customers with a phenomenal range of products that will help you stay relevant and needed. Our clinic service models are also scalable, which means they adapt to your requirements and grow as you grow. With us, you can more easily deliver high-quality products and services and steadily grow towards success.

If you would like to join our group under a new or current pharmacy, while still maintaining the empowerment of an independent business owner, click here to apply.