Want to Sell or Buy a Pharmacy? Here are 9 Reasons to Do it Through Us

Operating under a franchise comes with numerous benefits, but many prospective franchisees are afraid of losing independence or becoming subject to unrealistic business restrictions. At The Local Choice, we understand what a challenge it can be to kickstart a successful business in the healthcare industry – this is why so many owners choose to sell their pharmacy. Our franchise partnership, however, affords business owners the opportunity to operate under an established brand while still enjoying independent empowerment. Whether you wish to sell or buy a pharmacy, here are nine reasons why it is a great idea to do so through The Local Choice.

We Understand the Industry

Since 2011, we have greatly expanded our brand to meet the healthcare needs of patients and consumers alike. As pharmacists ourselves, we know what superb products and services models should look like, and we can deliver on this. Our knowledge of market trends gives us a strong competitive edge in the industry and you too can be part of this success.

Customer Expectations Are Changing

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people view their own health. There has been an increased demand for high-quality health and self-care products, as well as preventative care and chronic illness management. Many customers have higher standards now because people are taking their health more seriously. We aim to meet these standards by continually improving upon our offerings.

Minimise the Risks of Independent Brand-Building or Selling

Building a brand that people trust takes time but partnering with us when you buy a pharmacy means you will harness the power of our name. Instant brand recognition means patients and consumers are more likely to engage with you and your offerings. When you sell your pharmacy through us, you can be sure you are getting higher returns for the investment you made.

You Already Have a Built-In Customer Base

Customers and patients who prefer The Local Choice will visit their nearest TLC Pharmacy, no matter how new or established the franchise. For such consumers, the expectation is a top tier set of services and products to buy, and you can provide these with our support.

We Will Offer You Corporate Support

We offer support in some of the following areas to ensure your success:

  • Marketing of your franchise
  • Human resources and staff training
  • Best-of-breed IT support
  • Finance solutions

Enjoy Our Buying Power

Our network of product suppliers allows us bulk discounts that trickle down to huge savings on the products we sell to our customers. We negotiate deals on your behalf, which means you are privy to a lower cost of goods overall. This is something that new, standalone pharmacies may have difficulty achieving when first starting.

We Stock a Wide Range of Products

Our partnership with Dis-Chem has resulted in an expanded selection of products to sell. Franchisees who buy into our brand have the added advantage of stocking this wide range of goods. These include beauty and self-care items, as well as vitamins and health supplements. With us, you can sell high-quality brands at affordable prices, which also gives you a competitive edge.

Our Services Are Unparalleled

When you buy a pharmacy franchise from us, we will assist you with implementing clinic service models that offer sought-after services in your community. These models are innovative and scalable and will adapt to your ever-changing needs.

Join the Family and Reap the Rewards

Becoming a franchisee with The Local Choice gives you access to a highly experienced team of healthcare and business experts who know what it takes to grow a pharmacy business. Whether assisting with competitive pricing structures and profitability, or helping you train and develop your staff, we are here for you.

For information on how to buy or sell a pharmacy through us, be sure to contact us today.