Why Getting a Health Check Done Can Increase Your Quality of Life

In the past, visiting a doctor or having the family physician on-call was only reserved for emergencies. These days, however, doctors encourage patients to stay up to date with their screenings and wellbeing assessments, as this is the best way to prevent and catch diseases early. With our fast-paced, modern lifestyles, it is not always easy to find time in a busy work schedule to see a doctor for a health check. Fortunately, our network of The Local Choice clinics offers wellbeing assessments for all patients at affordable rates.

Prevent Illnesses from Developing

Certain screenings during a routine health check do not necessarily diagnose conditions, but they can alert you to conditions you might be prone to developing. Glucose screenings might alert you to prediabetes, and blood pressure monitoring could help you understand whether you are developing hypertension. Cholesterol is another condition for which one must screen as high LDL cholesterol can lead to other dangerous diseases. Early screenings mean that medical intervention happens early too, and it might still be possible to reverse the onset of illness with lifestyle changes and medication.

Understand Your Risk for Certain Diseases

Your family history and current lifestyle habits might put you at risk for various diseases, and a routine health check can help you better understand these risks. Within our wellness clinics, we have a team of highly trained medical professionals who will help you take a look at your family history and habits when it comes to your environment, diet, exercise routine, medication, and other factors such as smoking and substance abuse.

Early Intervention is More Affordable

Treating medical conditions in their early stages is often a far more affordable option. Here, lifestyle changes and medications can be used to prevent further complications. Leaving a condition untreated means it may develop to the point where aggressive treatments and therapies are required, such as hospitalisation or surgeries, which are often costly.

Increase Your Chances for Successful Treatments

A preventative health check means conditions are caught earlier. Earlier intervention means treatment is less complicated and involved, and your risk for complications from the treatment and advanced disease is lessened too. Early detection increases your chance that treatment will be successful and recovery, quicker.

Closely Monitor Pre-existing Conditions

Even if you are currently managing an existing condition such as diabetes, high cholesterol, HIV, or high blood pressure, you still need a medical check from time to time to ensure your health status is maintained. With any condition, complications can rapidly arise, and it might not always be possible to spot the symptoms before it is too late. Patients currently living with a disease are encouraged to regularly visit their local clinic or general practitioner for a medical assessment.

It’s the Best Step Towards a Healthy, Happy Life

Busy schedules and responsibilities at work and home are not always flexible enough to allow for medical screenings and assessments. If you don’t make time for your wellness, however, you may be forced down the line to make time for your illness. A health check that is done early enough means you can stay on the ball when it comes to potential issues in the long run. Living preventatively can help to increase one’s lifespan and quality of life, which means more time with your loved ones.

Here at The Local Choice, it is our goal to empower patients when it comes to their wellbeing and equip them with the right tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about their health. If you are seeking lifestyle advice, assistance with managing a condition, or screenings for diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, and STIs, feel free to visit one of our wellness clinics near you today.