Year End Function Poll

1.Do you want to include your spouse?

2.To get an idea of where everyone stands, obviously we would like you to pay as little as possible. What are you comfortable with contribution to the event?

Pay for my spouse to attend
Pay for myself to attend
Pay for my own drinks / cashbar
Pay for my own accommodation
Travel with my own transport

3.We work closely on a lot of operational functions. How do you feel about CJ Marketing sharing the event with us?

4.Should it be decided, Would you be able to attend the event if it is a weekend away?

5.Below are various scenarios, rate them in order of preference, 1 being most preferred and 5 being least preferred:

Friday Afternoon braai outside in the parking area at the office?

Friday night dinner at a restaurant?

Friday evening sleepout outside in the parking area at the office?

Camping for a weekend with fun activities?

Weekend away with families?